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Fun stamps, RiraRira Hanko.


Let's create a chain of happiness from a small world!

By hand-carving erasers with wonderful designs and production processes, a unique artistic world and design are completed by artist RiraRira, distinct from digital drawings. Each design is One-of-a-kind.

We conceive, design, manufacture, and commercialize products, managing the entire process from the idea to sales. Ideas are quickly turned into products. We have created over 1500 types of works so far, also sold in Loft and Hands stores.

Rubber stamps that utilize traditional Japanese seal-making techniques.

Our Team

From planning and operations to sales and shipping, we operate with a small team. All of our staff are women who are currently raising children.

SATO Ayako

Managing Director (E-commerce Sales and Shipping Manager)


Artist・CEO RiraRira


Managing Director (Product Planning & Operations)

Office Location

・Address: 542-1-B Ichigaocho Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 225-0024 Japan
・Phone Number: 045-298-7380
・Business Name: RiraRiraHanko LLC"

Company History

2011 Started production activities as eraser stamp artist RiraRira.
2013 minne Store opening.
2015 Formed RiraRira Hanko production department with 2 friends.
2016 Creema Store opening.  
   Etsy Store opening.
2017 Established RiraRira Hanko.
Started trading with Tokyu Hands
    Exhibit at CONNECT-ASIA in TAIPEI Exhibition
2018 Amazon Store opening
Exhibit at Stationery Women's Expo(Bungujyoshihaku) Tokyo 2018
Won 3rd place at Stationery Women's( Bungujyoshi)Award.
2019 Exhibit at CONNECT-ASIA in Hong Kong Exhibition
Started trading with Loft・eslite(Taiwan)
Exhibit at Stationery Women's Expo(Bungujyoshihaku) Tokyo 2019
Won second place at Stationery Women's(Bungujyoshi) Award
2020 Ginza Loft entire building& Collaboration cafe held
RiraRira Hanko store Site opening
Established RiraRiraHanko LLC
2021 PINKOI Store opening
Exhibit at Stationery Women's Expo(Bungujyoshihaku)Tokyo 2021
2022 RiraRira stamp festival in Nagasaki
Exhibit at Paper Exp(Kamihaku) Tokyo 2022
2023 Exhibit at Paper Expo( Kamihaku) Kyoto 2023
Exhibit at Stationery Women's Expo(Bungujyoshihaku)Yokohama 2023
JETRO New Export Powerhouse Consortium Support Company Certification
Trademark registration RiraRiraHanko®・・・Japan,Taiwan,China Acquired. EU,US Applying.


We hope to expand our circle to many more people, and to people all over the world.

We would be delighted if you could introduce our rubber stamps, made with Japanese craftsmen, in your stores.

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