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"RiraRira Hanko was established in 2011 with the launch of handmade stamps and uniquely designed envelopes, broadening the appeal and enjoyment for our customers.

We create original products packed with care, handling everything from planning and sales to shipping. Sometimes, we even participate in events. Until now, we have focused on direct delivery, but in 2024, we started wholesale distribution to reach more people around the world.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could feature our rubber stamps, crafted in collaboration with Japanese artisans, in your stores."

By hand-carving erasers with fun designs and production processes, we create something distinct from digital artwork, perfectly capturing artist RiraRira's unique worldview and design. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

We brainstorm, design, manufacture, and commercialize products, managing the entire process from product idea to sale. Our ideas are quickly transformed into products. So far, we have created over 1500 unique items, also available for sale at Loft and Hands.

These are rubber stamps that utilize traditional Japanese seal-making techniques.

Wholesale Pricing

1. "First, please register as a member.

2. After registering the necessary information, we will register you as a wholesaler following a brief review.

3. Once approved, you will be able to purchase at wholesale prices.

Ordering Procedure for Samples

We provide samples at cost. Please follow the steps below to send your request.

1. To request a sample, please contact us through the inquiry form provided below.
2. We will send you an order sheet. Please fill in the necessary details and desired quantity, then return it to us.
(Note: Some items, such as boxed sets, custom orders, sale items, and limited edition products, may not be available for sample provision.)
3. We will send you a quotation.
4. If you agree to the quotation, you may proceed with payment.
5. Samples in stock are usually prepared and shipped within about 5 business days. Custom-made items and others may take additional time.

If you are satisfied with our product, please let us know. We would like to discuss the quantity of your initial order and the best shipping arrangements.

Regarding the Fee

Shipping Method: If sent by air, we deliver via EMS (delivery may be through UPS or DHL in some cases).
Shipping Cost: Set based on the delivery destination and packaging weight. (Please note that prices may vary depending on the carrier).
Customs Duty: Customs duties are 100% the responsibility of the customer.
Risk and Insurance: Under EXW (Ex Works) terms.

About Our Products

Wholesale Sets

Carefully curated sets designed for straightforward retail sales.

View the Collection

Design Stamp (10mm Size)

Ideal for organizing schedules and enhancing your planner. It can be used repeatedly to create intricate patterns.

View the Collection

Design Stamp (15mm Size)

User-friendly for both professional and children's activities. Our unique designs bring a touch of creativity to everyday tasks.

View the Collection

Design Stamp (Various Sizes)

These Japanese-made rubber stamps capture the distinctiveness of RiraRira's hand-carved craftsmanship. They are designed for easy use with trimmed excess rubber, featuring a warm maple wood handle and ergonomic grip. Mix and match different stamps for creative fun.

View the Collection

Text Stamp

Crafted with hand-carved fonts, these stamps are perfect for scheduling and adding personal touches to cards and gifts.

View the Collection

Rotating Stamp

Crafted in Japan, featuring original RiraRira Hanko designs. Available in various types for date marking, numbering, and pricing.

View the Collection

Rubber Stamp Boxed Set

Seasonally and functionally designed products, conveniently packaged for easy storage and retail display.

View the Collection

Other Stationery and Fabric Storage Cases

Exclusive RiraRira Hanko stationery and accessories, offering a selection of products specifically tailored for stamp enthusiasts.

View the Collection

The Process Until the Transaction

General Members

1.Access the site

2.Select the product you want to purchase

3.Click 'Add to Cart'

4.Proceed to Checkout

5.Enter buyer information or purchase as a guest, select shipping method

6.Proceed to payment.

For Those Interested in Wholesale

1.Access the site

2.Register as a member

3.Membership qualification granted (assessment rank up communication within one week)

4. Select the product you want to purchase

5.Click 'Add to Cart'

6.Proceed to Checkout

7.Proceed to payment.

Shipping Methods

Delivery by air via EMS (Express Mail Service). (Delivery may be through UPS or DHL in some cases).

The shipping cost is set based on the destination and weight (graduated).

Shipping Fees

(As of 2023.12.22)

1) China, Taiwan, Korea 2) Other Asia 3) Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe 4) USA 5) Central and South America (excluding Mexico) & Africa
For example:
500g ①1450円 ②1900円 ③3150円 ④3900円 ⑤3600円
2kg ①3400円 ②4550円 ③6700円 ④7900円 ⑤8100円
10kg ①10600円 ②13350円 ③23500円 ④27100円 ⑤29700円
30kg ①26600円 ②33350円 ③65500円 ④75100円 ⑤77700円

Customs Duty: Customs duties are 100% the responsibility of the customer.
Risk and Insurance: Under EXW (Ex Works) terms.


Wholesale Registration Form