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Article: 30 Fun Monthly Planner Ideas for Newbie Journalers: Easy and Exciting!

30 Fun Monthly Planner Ideas for Newbie Journalers: Easy and Exciting!
Journaling Ideas

30 Fun Monthly Planner Ideas for Newbie Journalers: Easy and Exciting!

Discover 30 fun monthly planner ideas for beginners. Learn easy decoration tips to make journaling exciting and manageable, even if you're not artistic.

Monthly Planners: What on Earth Should I Write?

Hey there, fellow journaling newbie! Feeling a bit lost about where to start with your monthly planner? Don't worry, we've all been there! This guide is packed with cool ideas and super simple tips to get your journaling journey off to a flying start - even if you think you can't draw to save your life!

30 Ideas to Record in Your Monthly Planner

So, you've got this shiny new monthly planner, but those big squares look pretty intimidating, right? The trick is to keep things short and sweet while still capturing the important stuff. Stuck for ideas? No worries! Here are 30 fun things you could jot down:

1. Schedule Management: Keep track of both work and personal appointments.
2. Skill Development: Plan and monitor progress on learning new skills or obtaining certifications.
3. Budgeting: Record your monthly income and expenses.
4. Health Tracking: Log your weight, meals, and exercise.
5. Fitness Log: Track daily workouts and fitness progress.
6. Birthdays and Anniversaries: Never forget special dates.
7. Travel Planning: Manage travel itineraries and packing lists.
8. Habit Tracker: Record new habits you're trying to develop.
9. One-Liner Memories: Jot down a memorable moment from each day.
10. Project Management: Monitor progress on work or hobby projects.

Habit Tracker             Recycle 

11. Pet Care: Track your pet's health and appointments.
12. To-Do Lists: Organize daily tasks.
13. Done Lists: Record books you've read or movies you've watched.
14. Digital Detox: Plan your digital detox days.
15. Fashion Coordination: Log your daily outfits.
16. Self-Care Plan: Create a plan to take care of yourself.
17. Gardening Plan: Schedule garden maintenance.
18. Meal Planning: Plan daily meals and recipes.
19. Event Planning: Organize parties and events.
20. Courses and Workshops: Schedule learning activities.

Checkbox               Face Pack

21. Holiday Prep: Plan holiday events and gift lists.
22. DIY Projects: Manage your craft projects.
23. Cleanup Schedule: Plan your cleaning and organizing tasks.
24. Creative Journal: Record art and craft ideas.
25. Skincare Log: Track your skincare routine and products.
26. Dream Board: Visualize your future goals.
27. Car Maintenance: Schedule car inspections and oil changes.
28. Family Schedule: Keep track of everyone's plans in one place.
29. Gratitude Journal: Record daily things you're thankful for.
30. Child's Growth Record: Log important milestones in your child's life.

Easy-Peasy Decoration Tips for Your Monthly Planner

Juggling all parts of your daily life onto one planner page can feel like a circus act. But don't sweat it! Here are some nifty tricks to make your planner both super useful and even Instagram-worthy:

Divide and Conquer: Create Fun Sections

Consider dividing your monthly planner into sections based on what you want to record. For example:

Monthly Gameplan: Your big ideas and to-dos
Health & Fitness Corner: Track those gains!
Fun Zone: Books to read, movies to watch, art to create
Money Matters: Keep tabs on your cash flow
Grow & Glow: Your personal development playground

Color it Up With Pens and Washi Tape

Who says planners have to be boring? Grab those colorful pens and washi tapes, and let's make your planner pop! Not only does it make journaling more fun, but it also helps you quickly identify different categories. Try it out to see how color coding can enhance your planner's organization—it's way more fun!

Mix and Match Weekly and Daily Journals

For more detailed records, use a weekly or daily journal alongside your monthly planner. This way, you can keep concise notes in the monthly planner while dedicating larger spaces in other journals for more in-depth, behind-the-scenes footage.

Use Cute Stickers and Rubber Stamps

Having a quiet day? Get creative and decorate with cute stamps and stickers! Once you start decorating, it can be hard to stop, and you'll have created a mini-masterpiece before you know it! Don't just limit your creativity to the day's space—make the whole page colorful and fun!

Your Planner, Your Rules!

Here's the best part - there's no "right" way to journal. Want to decorate your entire monthly planner in one pizza-and-Netflix session? Go for it! The most important thing is to have a blast and make it yours.

With these ideas and tips up your sleeve, you're all set to create a monthly planner that's not just useful but a total joy to use. Start small, play around, and watch your journaling skills grow. You've got this!

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