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Mini Mini Mamoru-kun "Drooping"Mini Mini Mamoru-kun "Drooping"
Donut Sale price¥748
Leaf Sale price¥748
Macaron Sale price¥748
Strawberry Muffin CakeStrawberry Muffin Cake
Strawberry Muffin Cake Sale price¥748
Lotus Root(Small)Lotus Root(Small)
Lotus Root(Small) Sale price¥748
Jelly BeansJelly Beans
Jelly Beans Sale price¥748
Cookie (Swirl)Cookie (Swirl)
Cookie (Swirl) Sale price¥748
Cookie (Square)Cookie (Square)
Cookie (Square) Sale price¥748
Pretzel Sale price¥748
Top SecretTop Secret
Top Secret Sale price¥748
Afro-chan "I saw it"Afro-chan "I saw it"
Afro-chan "I saw it" Sale price¥748
Maron-chan "Face Stamp"Maron-chan "Face Stamp"
Maron-chan "Face Stamp" Sale price¥748
Freddie-san "Pointing Mini"Freddie-san "Pointing Mini"
Seki-san Face Parts (Anything Seki-san)Seki-san Face Parts (Anything Seki-san)
Seki-san "Face Stamp"Seki-san "Face Stamp"
Seki-san "Face Stamp" Sale price¥748
Maron-chan "Pointing Mini"Maron-chan "Pointing Mini"
Again Sale price¥748
Not YetNot Yet
Not Yet Sale price¥748
Section Chief Iwai "Pointing Mini"Section Chief Iwai "Pointing Mini"
Mamoru-kun "Pointing Mini"Mamoru-kun "Pointing Mini"
Afro-chan "Done"Afro-chan "Done"
Afro-chan "Done" Sale price¥748
Miyoko-chan "I saw it"Miyoko-chan "I saw it"
Miyoko-chan "I saw it" Sale price¥748
Maron-chan "I saw it"Maron-chan "I saw it"
Maron-chan "I saw it" Sale price¥748
NMD "No Money Day"NMD "No Money Day"
NMD "No Money Day" Sale price¥748
Kurita Risumaru-kunKurita Risumaru-kun
Kurita Risumaru-kun Sale price¥748
Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Sale price¥748
Completed Sale price¥748
Yankee-kun "Face Stamp"Yankee-kun "Face Stamp"
Yankee-kun "Face Stamp" Sale price¥748
Relaxed Rabbit "Face Stamp"Relaxed Rabbit "Face Stamp"
Factory Manager Kawai "Do Your Best!"Factory Manager Kawai "Do Your Best!"
Plum BlossomsPlum Blossoms
Plum Blossoms Sale price¥748
Books Sale price¥748
Koume-chan Face StampKoume-chan Face Stamp
Koume-chan Face Stamp Sale price¥748
Kokkeko Teacher Series (Set of 4)Kokkeko Teacher Series (Set of 4)
Kurumi-chan Face OnlyKurumi-chan Face Only
Kurumi-chan Face Only Sale price¥748
Section Chief Iwai "I heard it"Section Chief Iwai "I heard it"
Mini Mini Mamoru-kun "L-Shape"Mini Mini Mamoru-kun "L-Shape"
Bun-ta the Bear "I heard it"Bun-ta the Bear "I heard it"
Bun-ta the Bear "I saw it"Bun-ta the Bear "I saw it"
Section Chief Iwai "I saw it"Section Chief Iwai "I saw it"
Kokkeko Teacher "Chick Fight"Kokkeko Teacher "Chick Fight"
Kokkeko Teacher "Pass"Kokkeko Teacher "Pass"
Kokkeko Teacher "Pass" Sale price¥748
Kokkeko Teacher "Resubmission"Kokkeko Teacher "Resubmission"
Kokkeko Teacher "Very Good"Kokkeko Teacher "Very Good"
Macaron-kun Face StampMacaron-kun Face Stamp
Macaron-kun Face Stamp Sale price¥748
Alan-kun Face StampAlan-kun Face Stamp
Alan-kun Face Stamp Sale price¥748
Tehepero Shiga Teacher Face StampTehepero Shiga Teacher Face Stamp