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Maiko-chan the Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)Maiko-chan the Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)
Mamoru-kun "Fountain Pen"Mamoru-kun "Fountain Pen"
Mamoru-kun "Fountain Pen" Sale price¥1,760
Section Chief Iwai "Raising a Flag"Section Chief Iwai "Raising a Flag"
AIR TicketAIR Ticket
AIR Ticket Sale price¥1,760
Santa "Lying Down"Santa "Lying Down"
Santa "Lying Down" Sale price¥1,760
Noshi Ribbon (Traditional Japanese gift-wrapping ribbon)Noshi Ribbon (Traditional Japanese gift-wrapping ribbon)
Party KidsParty Kids
Party Kids Sale price¥1,760
Mr. Freddy "Butt print"Mr. Freddy "Butt print"
Mr. Freddy "Butt print" Sale price¥1,760
Funky GirlFunky Girl
Funky Girl Sale price¥1,760
Sumo Wrestler "Standing Upright"Sumo Wrestler "Standing Upright"
Mamoru-kun "Lying down"Mamoru-kun "Lying down"
Mamoru-kun "Lying down" Sale price¥1,760
Mamoru-kun "Arms line"Mamoru-kun "Arms line"
Mamoru-kun "Arms line" Sale price¥1,760