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Rira Characters Numbers Weekdays Symbols Units (Boxed) Set

Sale price¥12,320

【Details of Rira Character Number and Weekday Set】
1. The first feature is the completely original Rira characters! Rira characters are handwritten by eraser stamp artist RiraRira, then carved into eraser stamps. Carving them into eraser stamps creates subtle fluctuations in the lines, offering a warm texture not found in printed type.
2. The second feature is the inclusion of numerous symbols and kanji that can be used with numbers and weekdays. Examples include 4/1 (Tue), September(月) 30th(日) Sunday(曜日), 3900 yen(円), Celebrating(祝) 20 years old(歳), Class 3(年)-2(組), 1 hour(時間) 30 minutes(分), 2:50~, 3 weeks(週間), 36.4°C, 159cm, 52kg, 30th time(回)(目), No.5...
3. The third feature focuses on the balance with other Rira character stamp sets, making it easy to use them together.
4. The fourth feature is a storage box that makes it easy to take out the stamps. Small boards have been inserted into the rows to create gaps between the stamps, making them easier to pick up. The size of the box is the same as the Hiragana, Katakana, and Alphabet sets.
It would be a pleasure if these 'details' lead to 'satisfaction♡' for those who use it. Material: Stamps - Plastic, Box - Paper.
Copyright and Commercial Use

Copyright and Commercial Use:

  • Copyright: The copyright for rubber stamps is jointly owned by rubber stamp artist RiraRira and RiraRira Hanko LLC.
  • Copying, imitating, or reproducing product images on social media or sales websites is strictly prohibited.
  • Trademarks: RiraRira HankoⓇ is registered as a trademark in Japan, China, and Taiwan, with applications pending in other countries.
  • Prohibited Usage: The use of RiraRira HankoⓇ designs or text for logos (individuals or store symbols) and social media icons is not allowed.
  • Resale and Distribution: Selling, reselling, or distributing products using RiraRira HankoⓇ designs, text, or other elements without permission is prohibited.
  • Digitalization and Printing: Please limit the digitalization, printing, and copying of designs and text for personal use only. Distribution by individuals is discouraged.
  • Commercial Use: Commercial use of RiraRira HankoⓇ products (use for profit) without permission is not permitted.
  • For Commercial Use Inquiries: If you are considering commercial use other than personal, please contact us at with the subject "Commercial Use Inquiry."
  • Tagging: When posting creations using rubber stamps on social media, we appreciate it if you use tags such as "RiraRira" and "RiraRira Hanko." However, the use of icons is not allowed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. #RiraRira #RiraRiraHanko #rirarirahanko #rirarira #りらりらはんこ #リラリラハンコ"


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Seller: RiraRira Stamp LLC

Location: 542-1-B, Ichigaocho, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 2250024, Japan

Phone Number: 045-298-7380

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Rira Characters Numbers Weekdays Symbols Units (Boxed) Set
Rira Characters Numbers Weekdays Symbols Units (Boxed) Set Sale price¥12,320

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