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Other Characters

Other Characters

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Hako-kun / Express Delivery / DeliveryHako-kun / Express Delivery / Delivery
Okappa Girl "Humble Kneeling Bow"Okappa Girl "Humble Kneeling Bow"
Big Buddha-chanBig Buddha-chan
Big Buddha-chan Sale price¥1,540
Santa "Apology Press Conference"Santa "Apology Press Conference"
Santa "Sit-ups"Santa "Sit-ups"
Santa "Sit-ups" Sale price¥1,320
Santa "OMG (Oh My Gosh)"Santa "OMG (Oh My Gosh)"
Santa "OMG (Oh My Gosh)" Sale price¥1,760
Santa "Rira Gacha"Santa "Rira Gacha"
Santa "Rira Gacha" Sale price¥1,760
Santa "Hooray"Santa "Hooray"
Santa "Hooray" Sale price¥1,320
Running GirlRunning Girl
Running Girl Sale price¥550
Airplane GirlAirplane Girl
Airplane Girl Sale price¥1,320
Kokkeko Teacher "Tuition Bag" Envelope (10 Pieces)Kokkeko Teacher "Tuition Bag" Envelope (10 Pieces)
Drawing Boy Minoru-kunDrawing Boy Minoru-kun
Drawing Boy Minoru-kun Sale price¥1,320
Alan-kun Sale price¥1,760
Tehepero Shiga TeacherTehepero Shiga Teacher
Tehepero Shiga Teacher Sale price¥1,760
Kurumi-chan "Mini Mini Face Stamp"Kurumi-chan "Mini Mini Face Stamp"
Koume-chan "Mini Mini Face Stamp"Koume-chan "Mini Mini Face Stamp"
Sold outRiraRiraHanko Original Stamp BoxRiraRiraHanko Original Stamp Box
Yankee-kun "Mini Mini Face Stamp"Yankee-kun "Mini Mini Face Stamp"
Natsume-chan "I Have a Word to Say"Natsume-chan "I Have a Word to Say"
Yankee-kun "Face Stamp"Yankee-kun "Face Stamp"
Yankee-kun "Face Stamp" Sale price¥748
Master Sale price¥1,540
Santa "Walking"Santa "Walking"
Santa "Walking" Sale price¥2,640
Santa "Pedaling Standing Up"Santa "Pedaling Standing Up"
Santa "Lying Down"Santa "Lying Down"
Santa "Lying Down" Sale price¥1,760
Party KidsParty Kids
Party Kids Sale price¥1,760
Koume-chan Face StampKoume-chan Face Stamp
Koume-chan Face Stamp Sale price¥748
Marui Three BrothersMarui Three Brothers
Marui Three Brothers Sale price¥1,550
Kurumi-chan Face OnlyKurumi-chan Face Only
Kurumi-chan Face Only Sale price¥748
Alan-kun Face StampAlan-kun Face Stamp
Alan-kun Face Stamp Sale price¥748
Tehepero Shiga Teacher Face StampTehepero Shiga Teacher Face Stamp
Sumo Wrestler "Surfing"Sumo Wrestler "Surfing"
Sumo Wrestler "Surfing" Sale price¥1,760
Humble Kneeling Bow SamuraiHumble Kneeling Bow Samurai
Humble Kneeling Bow Samurai Sale price¥1,760
Sumo Wrestler "Standing Upright"Sumo Wrestler "Standing Upright"
Moai statue Face StampMoai statue Face Stamp
Moai statue Face Stamp Sale price¥1,540
Okappa Girl "Done" Face StampOkappa Girl "Done" Face Stamp
Okappa Girl "I saw it" Face StampOkappa Girl "I saw it" Face Stamp
Okappa Girl "OK" Face StampOkappa Girl "OK" Face Stamp
Okappa Girl "Good" Face StampOkappa Girl "Good" Face Stamp
Sumo Wrestler Face StampSumo Wrestler Face Stamp
Sumo Wrestler Face Stamp Sale price¥748